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omg best album ever

Brand New Heavies

Lily Gonzalez

I heard your little sound clip on what will undoubtedly be a huge song, Can’t Stop The River. Can’t keep the wolf from your door.
I love it! All my very best to the very best… Lily Gonzalez! Your fan Steve Augeri

Steve Augeri, Journey

Our wonderful Faithless live bongo player Lily Gonzalez has just released her funky new album. Check it out!

Sister Bliss, Faithless

Ridiculously ravishing new album Opening Old Wounds

Holly Johnson

go support @BongoLily great album. I have my copy!!!

Tony Hadley, Spandau Ballet

A proper squeeze for my beautiful and inordinately talented mate, Lily Gonzalez!
Check out her new album
Opening Old Wounds... it's superb!

Maxi Jazz, Faithless

Lily Gonzalez Logo
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